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BNU offers a diverse range of student societies and clubs, each catering to different interests and passions. From the BNU Music Society, empowering creativity and harmonizing excellence, to the BNU Femquom Society, celebrating diversity and fostering inclusivity, these societies provide platforms for students to explore, learn, and grow. Whether you're interested in literature, entrepreneurship, technology, or social activism, there's a society for you at BNU. Join us and be part of a vibrant community dedicated to personal and collective growth.


BNU Societies and Clubs

BNU Music Society

Empower your musical journey and join a vibrant community dedicated to harmonizing excellence. Our society offers a platform to explore talents, collaborate, and showcase creativity, fostering a lifelong love for music.

Goals & Mission: Enhance musical skills through workshops, master classes, and partnerships with local organizations.

Patron: Mr. Usman Rana

President: Husnain Raza Bakhtiyari


BNU Maya Tree

Experience the sanctuary of literature and creativity at Maya Tree. Join us to foster a love for reading and writing, engage in meaningful discussions, and contribute to a vibrant literary community.

Goals & Mission: Organize reading circles, workshops, and author talks, while advocating for underprivileged children's education.

Patron: Dr. Farooq Sulehria

President: Shizra Huda


BNU Wellbeing Society

Find balance and fulfillment with the BNU Wellbeing Society. Our events, workshops, and initiatives promote mental and physical health, nurturing connections and passions.

Goals & Mission: Foster a culture of well-being through awareness campaigns, donation drives, and engaging activities.

Patron: Dr. Ruhi Khalid

President: Neha Qasim


BNU Entrepreneurial Society

Shape the future of business leadership with our dynamic community. We foster innovation, ethics, and social responsibility, empowering students to excel in entrepreneurship.

Goals & Mission: Inspire excellence and positive change through education, collaboration, and impactful initiatives.

Patron: Mr. Omar Naeem

President: Sila Inam


BNU Sci-Tech Society

Embark on a journey of tech exploration and innovation with BNU Sci-Tech Society. Join us to gain insights, share knowledge, and prepare for the challenges of the evolving tech landscape.

Goals & Mission: Create a collaborative space for learning and discussion on diverse tech-related topics.

Patron: Ms. Huda Sarfraz

President: Wahab


BNU Femquom Society

Celebrate diversity and advocate for gender equality with BNU Femquom Society. Join us in creating a safe, inclusive space for all individuals to address social issues and drive positive change.

Goals & Mission: Cultivate awareness and reforms on gender-related issues through education and discourse.

Patron: Ms. Tania Faraz

President: Zoya Ahmed


BNU Sports Club

Ignite your passion for sports and teamwork with BNU Sports Club. Join our inclusive community to develop skills, foster camaraderie, and achieve personal growth.

Goals & Mission: Promote physical fitness, leadership, and sportsmanship through diverse athletic opportunities.

Patron: Mr. Farooq, Mr. Ajmal

President: Faizan Tahir


The Circle by BNU

Embrace the adventure and shared discovery with The Circle by BNU. Join our vibrant community for cycling, yoga, games, cinematic soirees, and more.

Goals & Mission: Foster creativity, exploration, and deep connections through diverse activities and experiences.

Patron: Mr. Waleed Zafar

President: Ammar, Alina Akmal


BNU Interfaith Society (ISOC)

Experience spiritual enrichment and support with BNU ISOC. Join our inclusive community for events and discussions to foster understanding and harmony.

Goals & Mission: : Provide pastoral care and create an inclusive spiritual and personal growth environment.

Patron: Mr. Arsalan Ahmed

President: Bakhtawar Ghani


BNU Photography Society

Capture moments, tell stories, and explore creativity with BNU Photography Society. Join our community for photo walks, workshops, exhibitions, and more.

Goals & Mission: Nurture creativity and expression through various photography-related activities and initiatives.

Patron: Mr. Nasir Mazari

President: Mueed Nisar


BNU Debating Society

Hone your critical thinking and public speaking skills with BNU Debating Society. Join us for engaging debates, intellectual discourse, and personal growth opportunities.

Goals & Mission: Promote intellectual growth and academic excellence through meaningful discourse and debate.

Patron: VC, BNU

President: Rao Ubaid-ur-Rehman, Mujataba Khan

Email: :,,

BNU Animal Club

Advocate for animal welfare and conservation with BNU Animal Club. Join our community to raise awareness, support local shelters, and make a difference for animals.

Goals & Mission: Foster compassion, education, and advocacy for the welfare and rights of animals.

Patron: Mr. Rana Faizan

President: Ahmad Sheikh


BEADS (BNU Entertainment & Dramatics Society)

Unleash your creativity and passion for performing arts with BEADS. Join us for acting, choreography, and theatrical productions, fostering a vibrant culture of expression.

Goals & Mission: Cultivate creativity, confidence, and expression through theatrical performances and activities

Patron: Mr. Imran Ahmad Khan

President: Sikendar Ali


BNU CulArt Society

Explore the diverse realms of art and culture with BNU CulArt Society. Join us for exhibitions, open mic nights, and cultural festivals, celebrating creativity and expression.

Goals & Mission: Foster a dynamic community of artists and cultural enthusiasts, promoting creativity and understanding.

Patron: Mr. Sarmed Cheema

Presidents: Addan, Ali Gill


BNU Social Blood Bank

Join our compassionate community committed to saving lives through voluntary blood donations. We promote awareness and conduct donation drives to ensure a stable blood supply.

Goals & Mission: Empower our community through life-saving contributions, fostering a culture of voluntary blood donation. We envision a world where no life is lost due to lack of blood and strive to be a leading advocate for accessible and sustainable blood donations.

Patron: Mr. Rana Faizan

President: Ahmad Sheikh


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