Academic Services

Academic services at BNU are facilitated by the Registrar's office. Below, you'll find responses to common inquiries our students might have. If you don't see your question addressed, feel free to reach out to us via email at


Academic Services

About Registrar’s Office

The Registrar's Office plays a crucial role in maintaining the academic records and administrative functions at BNU. It is responsible to manage student records, course registration, academic scheduling, and some graduation procedures. At the Registrar Office, compliance with institutional policies, academic regulations, and government regulations related to student records and data management are dealt with.

Our Services

Facilitates the students and faculty alike in the following:

  1. Enrolments
  2. Fee
  3. Course Withdrawals
  4. Semester Continuation & Freezing
  5. Timetables
  6. Room Allocation
  7. Hostels
  8. Scholarships
  9. Disciplinary Cases
  10. Issuance of Bonafide Certificates
  11. Attendance
  12. Student Records
  13. Student Inquiries
  14. Attestation and verification
  15. Issuance of Student ID cards


At BNU, the Registrar’s Office plays a key role in the implementation and enforcement of university policies by collaborating with various stakeholders within the university administration, including academic departments, faculty committees, and executive leadership, to ensure that university policies related to academic affairs, student records, and enrolment management, plagiarism, harassment, discipline are effectively implemented and adhered to. You can view latest notifications and download important documents and forms here.

Policies Notifications

Student Handbooks

The Registrar’s Office is also responsible of designing/ drafting the student handbook which helps the students have a comprehensive guidance created by universities to provide students with essential information about academic policies, procedures, resources, and campus life.

Policies Notifications

Plagiarism Policy

Here is the link to plagiarism policy that BNU adheres to which outline’s the institution's expectations regarding academic integrity and provides guidelines for students to understand and avoid plagiarism.

Policies Notifications

Sexual Harassment Policy

BNU also adheres to the HEC’s Harassment Policy in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the students, faculty and staff, alike.

Sexual Harassment

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar details are also stringently checked and finalized at the Registrar’s Office in order to facilitate the students and staff plan for the upcoming semester/s. This also includes the admission and enrolment details, lecture and exam schedules, tentative holidays, and the summer semester details among other details.

Academic Calendar


The Registrar’s Office plays the pivotal part in collaborating and coordinating with all internal and external stakeholders. These scholarships alleviate the financial burden from the deserving students who are aspiring to be educated in the liberal arts.

Fee Scholarship NEST Scholarships for Arts Culture

SAARC Students

The registrar office also facilitates the transfers and registration of the SAARC students from the SAARC countries. They are also facilitated through scholarships that are processed at the registrar’s office. The Registrar’s Office is also carries and facilitates the visa process, attestations from the HEC and IBCC office, police verifications, and embassy representations and NOC procurement as well.


Annual convocation also takes place under the umbrella of Registrar’s Office’s coordination and collaboration with other departments. The RO is responsible for the degree attestation and verification of the documents for the graduating students.

Office Timing

9:00 am- 05:00 pm

Ramazan Timing

08.30am to 03.30pm

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