Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Dr. Syed Ali Abbas

Head of Marketing Cluster & Assistant Professor, Dr. Syed Ali Abbas from the Department of Management Sciences-School of Business has published a research article titled "Brand Revitalization of the Declining Mobile Phone Brand via Brand Ambassadors and Product Innovation" in International Journal of Marketing, Communication and New Media, an HEC recognized Y category journal as a sole author.

Dr. Abbas’s study offers a strategic blueprint for reviving the iconic mobile phone brand Nokia, which has experienced a notable decline. Utilizing a correlational research approach with quantitative methods, the study reveals that employing brand ambassadors and focusing on product innovation are critical to rejuvenating the brand. This research provides valuable insights not only for Nokia but also for other brands facing similar market challenges. The abstract of the article highlights the unique contribution of this research to academic literature, emphasizing the synergistic effects of brand ambassadors and product innovation in brand revitalization. The findings suggest practical applications for companies seeking to re-establish their market presence and appeal.

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