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Launch of BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society

Launch of BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society

The Inaugural Ceremony of BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society was held on 28th of October, 2014 at BNU Tarogil Campus. The ceremony was graced by Vice Chancellor BNU, Mr. Shahid Hafiz Kardar; Dean School of Computer and Information Technology (SCIT), Dr. Khaver Zia; Dean Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design, Prof. Salima Hashmi; and Registrar BNU, Mrs. Farzana Shahid. Mr. Nabeel A. Qadeer, Joint Director (Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development) at Plan9 and Mr. Uzair Shahid, Programme Manager at Plan9 were also present on the occasion. Professor Zubair Anwar from SCIT was the stage secretary for the event. The ceremony was attended by a large number of BNU students, faculty and staff.

While addressing the gathering, Dean SCIT, Dr. Khaver Zia spoke about the objectives and functions of BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society. He talked about BNU’s association with Plan9 that started off with the incubation of our students in 2012 and 2013 and was later strengthened when BNU signed a MOU with Plan9 in March 2014 and become its Network Partner. He thanked the Plan9 team for their continued support and urged students to take an active interest in the activities of BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society as it can have a positive impact on their careers.

Mr. Nabeel A. Qadeer delivered the keynote address and informed students about entrepreneurship. He talked about the growing benefits and future of entrepreneurship in Pakistan and how Liberal Arts students can make the most of this opportunity. He encouraged students to explore such opportunities as Plan9 that can turn their business ideas into reality. Later, Mr. Uzair Shahid gave a brief presentation about Plan9 Incubation process.

In his closing remarks, Vice Chancellor Mr. Shahid Hafiz Kardar told students about the significance of ideas. By quoting an example of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs, he said that when ideas are extraordinary, the demand for product/service is automatically created in the market. He further added that Plan9 is a great platform for budding entrepreneurs and BNU students should grab the opportunity to develop and enhance their entrepreneurial skills through active participation in BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society.

About BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society (BP9)

The aim of Plan9 Beaconhouse National University Entrepreneurial Society (BP9) is to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among students. The society will bring together entrepreneurially minded students on campus and help them turn their passion into a reality.

BNU Plan9 Entrepreneurial Society will work closely with Plan9, Pakistan’s largest tech incubator, in order to identify and support future entrepreneurs from BNU. As a Plan9 Network Partner, BNU aims to explore a new dimension for the local entrepreneurship scene.

BP9 is jointly governed by the management and students of the University. Vice Chancellor is the patron of the society while the Executive Committee is headed by staff advisor and comprises representative from management of each school of the University and the Directorate of Student Affairs. Apart from this, there are 9 student executive members. The student executive members will be elected by BNU students, who join the Society as general members. All members will hold office for period of two years.

Activities of BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society will be carried out by the student members. The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of the Society will be appointed from among the student executive members. These office bearers will be supported by the remaining 5 student members who may be assigned special tasks and responsibilities. The names of Executive Committee members are as follows:

Name School/Deptt Title
Mr. Zubair Anwar Assistant Professor,SCIT Convener
Ms. Abia Nazim Assistant Professor,IP Member
Ms. Asma Yasir Lecturer, SLASS Member
Ms. Werdah Munlib Assistant Professor,SMC Member
Mr. Yasir Sharif Coodinator, SMC Member
Mr. Zeeshan Sarvar Visiting Lecturer, SA Member
Mr. Waqas Zaki Deputy Manager, DSAER Member
Mr. Affan Anwar Coordinator, SCIT Member
Ms. Mahrukh Malik Academic Coordinator, SVAD Member
Mr. Ammar Hussain Academic Coordinator, SE Member

About Plan9

Plan9 is a ground-breaking initiative, launched in 2012 by PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board). The mission of Plan9 is to facilitate technological entrepreneurship in the country. The Plan9 incubatees are provided with infrastructure and financial support to develop their products. They are also engaged in trainings, mentoring sessions and product review sessions that further help them grow.

It is to be noted here that two teams from School of Computer & Information Technology (SCIT), BNU have already been incubated at Plan9 in 2012 and 2013. Now as a Plan9 Network Partner and under BP9, BNU aims to further nurture this relationship and create a new dimension for the local entrepreneurship scene.

BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society Membership

Each current BNU student is eligible to become member of BP9 society. All students are highly encouraged to become society members in order to take full advantage of the benefits from BNU-Plan 9 partnership. If you want to be a part of BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society, download the form below and submit the filled form to the faculty/staff representative of BP9 society in your respective school.

BNU Plan 9 Entrepreneurial Society Form

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