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Aruj Khaliq Delivers Guest Lecture on Sustainability Education at LUMS School of Education

BNU alumna and visiting faculty member, Ms. Aruj Khaliq, was recently invited by the Dean's office of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) School of Education (SOE) to deliver a guest lecture. The event, held for scholars enrolled in the M. Phil in Educational Leadership and Management program, centered on the theme of Education for Sustainable Development.

Ms. Khaliq's lecture, focusing on Whole School Approaches to Sustainability, provided a comprehensive exploration of contemporary and seminal debates in the field. Drawing from her expertise as a domain expert from Pakistan, she presented her own Thinking Tool on Whole School Approaches to Sustainability, alongside insights from International Baccalaureate School practices in the region.

The session facilitated an engaging discussion among attendees, highlighting current practices, future horizons, and necessary actions in both national and international contexts. In the interactive segment, scholars posed pertinent questions, further enhancing their understanding of the critical issues surrounding the adoption of a holistic approach to sustainability in academia.

Ms. Aruj Khaliq's impactful lecture at LUMS SOE not only enriched the scholarly discourse but also contributed significantly to advancing the dialogue on sustainable education practices.

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