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SE Hosts Guest Talk on Artificial Intelligence & Ethics

BNU School of Education (SE) hosted a guest talk for the course of 'Leadership in the Age of Artificial Intelligence' being offered as an interdisciplinary course to students from an array of study fields. Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz (Head of ELM) was invited as an industry leader to share his insights on 'Artificial Intelligence & Ethics'. This talk moderated by course faculty Ms. Aruj Khaliq centred around key debates in the field of Artificial Intelligence pertaining to governance, policy and practice.

In a conversational format, the discussants brought ethical dilemmas which may occur due to invasion of privacy, heightened surveillance and automated machines to participants' attention. The attendees included students enrolled in the course who engaged in the follow up question answer session and shared their opinions on the subject. It is worth noting that a vast majority of student attendees favored mindful usage of Artificial Intelligence to support teaching and learning. The session concluded with a consensus that whether we use Artificial Intelligence for autonomous cars or we use it as a co-pilot for learning, it is essential to evolve with this revolution. Students also expressed that from war weapons to ATM machines, no invention is inherently malicious - it all boils down to how we use it.

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