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ELM Students Attend FSU Fellows Forum 2024

A group of motivated students from QRM, ELM program recently had the unique opportunity to attend the prestigious Fellows Forum hosted by Florida State University (FSU). Accompanied by Dr. Shazia Humayun, Assistant Professor at BNU's School of Education, the students immersed themselves in an enriching international educational platform.

The FSU Fellows Forum 2024, held on March 28 and 29, embraced the theme "Human [Nature]: A Dialogue on Eco Interactions." This signature event aimed to explore the intricate relationship between humans and their environment, shedding light on how individuals both influence and are influenced by their surroundings.

Through a hybrid format, the forum facilitated engaging interdisciplinary discussions and insightful presentations, inviting participants to delve into various aspects of eco-interactions. Topics ranged from the impact of nature and nurture on human development to the interplay between migration and ecology, and the sustainability of artistic and scientific structures.

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