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BNU Economics Society Clinches 2nd Place in LSE's Inter-Econothon

The BNU Economics (Econ.) Society has emerged triumphant, securing 2nd place in the highly competitive Inter-Econothon, an annual event organized by the Lahore School of Economics (LSE). This remarkable achievement highlights the Society's dedication to excellence and its members' exceptional talents in the field of economics.

Outshining competitors from 10 universities, the BNU Economics Society showcased exemplary teamwork and expertise throughout the rigorous challenges of the Inter-Econothon. Their outstanding performance in rounds such as Pictorial Economics, Scavenger Hunt, and Presentation earned them well-deserved recognition and acclaim.

The winning team, comprised Rida Shahid, Fatima Shahid, Hamza Ahmed, Asma Awan, and Arghas Qazi, demonstrated remarkable skill and determination, reflecting the high standards upheld by the BNU Economics Society.

Under the leadership of Society President Sher Muhammad, the BNU Economics Society has consistently fostered a culture of academic excellence and innovation. Their remarkable success in the Inter-Econothon is a testament to their hard work and dedication to advancing economic knowledge and understanding.

In addition to the prestigious 2nd place title, the team members were awarded a cash prize in recognition of their stellar performance, further solidifying BNU's reputation as a center of academic distinction and achievement.

BNU extends its warmest congratulations to the BNU Economics Society team members for their outstanding accomplishment. Their triumph serves as a source of inspiration for the entire BNU community and underscores the university's commitment to nurturing talent and promoting excellence in the field of economics.

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