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Prof. Risham Syed's Art Featured at Lahore Literary Festival Alhamra Lahore

Prof. Risham Syed, the Head of the Fine Arts Department at BNU's Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design (MDSVAD), showcased her remarkable artwork at the Lahore Literary Festival held at Alhamra Lahore.

A Lahore-based artist, Risham Syed employs painting and various other mediums to delve into questions of history, sociology, and politics. Her work is deeply influenced by the dynamic urban transition experienced in cities like Lahore, which she captures with palpable authenticity.

Central to her artistry is her native city, where she unravels the complexities of its colonial history and its impact on contemporary culture. Through her paintings and installations, Syed offers a profound exploration of these inquiries within the broader global context.

Syed's unique approach involves the integration of fabric, embroidery, and found objects, alongside traditional painting techniques. This amalgamation allows her to intertwine personal narratives with historical perspectives, creating a rich tapestry that bridges the past with the present.

Her participation in the Lahore Literary Festival Alhamra Lahore not only showcases her artistic talent but also underscores her significant contribution to the cultural landscape of Lahore and beyond.

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