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Unlocking Life Skills with Omar Khayam Sheikh

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) hosted a thought-provoking session titled 'Unlocking Life Skills', featuring entrepreneur Omar Khayam Sheikh, founder of Hadayat & Co. and recipient of an Executive MBA with a Silver Medal from LUMS.

During the session, Sheikh, known for his active involvement in philanthropy and various prestigious organizations including the American Business Forum, shared invaluable insights on personal and public fulfillment. He emphasized the importance of family as a cornerstone of success, highlighting its role in providing a strong foundation and support.

Furthermore, Sheikh underscored the significance of selecting friends wisely, acknowledging their influence on values and aspirations. He also emphasized the importance of spirituality in fostering depth and meaning, transcending material concerns.

Addressing adversity, Sheikh portrayed it as a catalyst for growth and self-understanding, while advocating for the definition of a personal mission to align actions with values. Strategies for personal growth, he emphasized, not only enhance individual satisfaction but also contribute to community well-being, fostering a holistic and fulfilling life.

The session proved to be enlightening for attendees, offering practical insights into navigating various life aspects for personal and collective fulfillment.

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