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BNU Faculty Presents Cutting-Edge Research at AMCAP-UoS International Media Conference 2024

Assistant Professor Werdah Munib and Lecturer Warda Shah from BNU's School of Media & Mass Communication (SMC) showcased the university's research prowess at the prestigious AMCAP-UoS International Media Conference 2024 held at the University of Sargodah. Presenting two thought-provoking research papers, they contributed valuable insights into contemporary media issues.

The first paper, titled 'From Silence to Solidarity: A Study of Women’s Perspective of #Me-Too in Pakistan', presented by Assistant Professor Werdah Munib, delved into the nuanced experiences and perspectives of Pakistani women regarding the #MeToo movement. Through meticulous research and analysis, Munib shed light on the evolving discourse surrounding gender-based issues in Pakistan's socio-cultural context.

Lecturer Warda Shah's paper, 'Tomorrow’s Ads: Exploring the Future Landscape of Sentient AI', offered a glimpse into the future of advertising in the era of sentient artificial intelligence. Shah's research explored the potential implications of AI advancements on advertising practices, paving the way for innovative strategies and ethical considerations in marketing and communication.

The presentation of these research papers not only underscored the academic rigor and innovative thinking within BNU's SMC faculty but also contributed significantly to the broader discourse on media and communication studies. The diverse topics covered by Munib and Shah exemplify BNU's commitment to addressing contemporary challenges and shaping future narratives in the field of media research.

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