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Dr. Zeeshan Zaighum Delivers Keynote Address on AI at AMCAP-UoS International Media Conference 2024

Dr. Zeeshan Zaighum, Assistant Professor at BNU's School of Media & Mass Communication (SMC), took center stage at the AMCAP-UoS International Media Conference 2024 hosted by the University of Sargodah. Delivering a keynote address during the plenary session, Dr. Zeeshan delved deep into the critical challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI) in today's digital era.

With a keen focus on the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Dr. Zeeshan shed light on pressing concerns such as surveillance, disinformation, and cyber-attacks, emphasizing their profound impact on modern society. His insightful analysis provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding AI deployment and its implications for media and communication.

The session drew the participation of senior international and national academicians, researchers, journalists, and students, reflecting the significance of the discourse initiated by Dr. Zeeshan. As technology continues to shape the way information is disseminated and consumed, his address served as a catalyst for informed discussions and critical reflections on the ethical and societal dimensions of AI integration in the media landscape.

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