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Guest Speaker Session on “TRAVEL, TECH & CAREERS”

On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, the Department of Hospitality Management at Beaconhouse National University hosted an engaging seminar for the incoming cohort of students enrolled in the new Hospitality Management degree program. Spearheaded by the Founding Head of the Department, Professor Dr. Atif Hassan, the event featured a distinguished guest speaker, Ms. Namra Rehman.

Ms. Namra Rehman, a former protégé of Dr. Atif, shared her remarkable career odyssey filled with twists and turns with the eager students. Transitioning from roles in HR departments of various gaming studios to her current position as a Global Talent Acquisition Partner at AGODA, a prominent travel, technology, and career organization, Ms. Rehman's narrative deeply resonated with the audience.

AGODA, renowned for its motto "Less Hassle, More Travel," operates on a global scale with a workforce of over 6,500 individuals spread across 75 offices worldwide, representing 98 nationalities. During the seminar, Ms. Rehman shed light on AGODA's significant contributions to the modern travel and technology landscape, underscoring the abundant career prospects within the company.

Ms. Rehman's discourse illuminated AGODA's core values, its dedicated workforce known as Agodans, and the organization's commitment to driving worldwide impact while prioritizing individual well-being and professional advancement. Her advocacy for shattering stereotypes and her notable accomplishments at a young age served as potent sources of inspiration for the attending students.

The success of this enlightening session was made possible by the diligent efforts of the supporting staff at BNU, who facilitated a rewarding experience for the university's fresh cohort of Hospitality Management students. The seminar concluded with a dynamic question and answer segment, leaving the audience motivated and eager to commence their own professional journeys.

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