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BNU and THAAP Forge Partnership to Preserve Pakistan's Heritage

BNU recently established a partnership with THAAP, a not for profit registered company with the objective to document and analyze the rich tangible and intangible heritage of Pakistan towards planning its protection and conservation, and further, to disseminate and publish the findings.

BNU and THAAP are collaborating in the development of Heritage Center, under Razia Hassan School of Architecture. Heritage centers serve as custodians of cultural identity, preserving traditions, stories, and artifacts that define a community's history. This center will not only educate and inspire youth, but also offer insights into the roots of the society and its traditions, promoting appreciation for diversity, and safeguarding intangible heritage that might otherwise fade away. Multidisciplinary lectures and heritage related seminars, workshops, for students, faculty and the interested public are to be organized soon.

THAAP is also offering enriching internship opportunities to BNU students, allowing hands-on experience in preserving and promoting cultural legacies. These internships will provide practical insights into archival work, curation, education, and heritage preservation techniques, fostering a deeper understanding of heritage management. They empower students with valuable skills while nurturing a passion for heritage conservation and dissemination.

Not only that, BNU and THAAP will be carrying out joint research programs, projects, consultancy assignments, public talks and lectures in the field of Heritage History, Documentation, Preparation of Integrated Rehabilitation Plans, On-Site Supervision, Preparation of Reports and analysis, Completion Reports and such other activities.

This partnership will offer BNU students access to global networks as well as expertise, and cross-cultural insights, enriching students' learning experiences. While creating opportunities for joint research for both THAAP and BNU, possibilities of working on exchange programs, and internships on an international scale shall be explored, broadening students' understanding of heritage conservation and management while fostering a global mindset in their approach to cultural preservation. Additionally, attracting tourism, contributing to the local economy while acting as crucial hubs for research and academic study of cultural legacy.

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