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Foreign Minister Pakistan Participates as Chief Guest at Inauguration of BNU BCPR's Initiative: "Pakistan's Place in the World"

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) celebrated a significant milestone today with the inauguration of its flagship initiative, "Pakistan's Place in the World," organized by the BNU Center for Policy Research (BCPR). The event, held on February 6, 2024, garnered considerable attention with the esteemed presence of Foreign Minister Pakistan, Mr. Jalil Abbas Jilani, serving as the distinguished Chief Guest alongside Member of the Board of Governors and Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri.

About BNU Center for Policy Research (BCPR):
Beaconhouse National University’s Center for Policy Research (BCPR) is committed to independent interdisciplinary policy research on economy, public policy, and foreign relations, aiming to contribute to informed decision-making in Pakistan and beyond.

Despite being unable to attend in person, Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani's virtual participation underscored the government's commitment to fostering dialogue and research on Pakistan's global standing and its role in shaping international affairs. Vice Chancellor Dr. Moeed Yusuf highlighted the significance of bridging academia with policy-making, stressing the unique contribution of BCPR.

Acknowledging the establishment of BCPR by Dr. Hafiz Pasha and its ongoing efforts, Dr. Moeed Yusuf announced the appointment of Mr. Mansoor Ahmad Khan, (Former Ambassador and head of the initiative) to lead the think tank, citing his diplomatic expertise. 

In his address, Mr. Mansoor Ahmad Khan provided a comprehensive overview of the think tank's objectives, emphasizing its commitment to enhancing Pakistan's relations with key global powers through strategic policy initiatives. He articulated a multifaceted approach that includes diplomatic engagement, economic cooperation, and cultural exchange to strengthen Pakistan's standing on the international stage. Mr. Khan underscored the importance of fostering mutually beneficial relationships that promote peace, stability, and prosperity both regionally and globally.

The event also witnessed thought-provoking discussions led by Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani and former Foreign Minister Mr. Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri. Delving into the complexities of foreign policy, they highlighted the challenges facing Pakistan and underscored the urgent need for strategic improvements. Their insights provided valuable perspectives on navigating geopolitical dynamics, fostering regional cooperation, and advancing Pakistan's national interests on the global stage.

Furthermore, the event featured a dynamic Q&A session that actively engaged students and faculty members. This interactive exchange allowed participants to delve deeper into key issues, exchange ideas, and explore potential solutions. The diverse perspectives shared during the session contributed to a richer understanding of Pakistan's role in the world and the challenges and opportunities it faces in the realm of foreign affairs.

Overall, the inauguration event served as a platform for robust dialogue, critical analysis, and collaborative engagement, setting the stage for BCPR's ongoing efforts to shape Pakistan's foreign policy agenda and enhance its position in the global community.

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