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Aatiqa Sheikh Presents Groundbreaking Research at RCAME 2024

Ms. Aatiqa Sheikh, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for MA Art Education at MDSVAD's Department of Graduate & Interdisciplinary Studies, BNU, presented her pioneering research at the 'First Regional Conference on Arts and Media Education (RCAME) 2024,' hosted by LUMS School of Education on January 18, 2024.

Her paper, titled ‘Significance of Olfaction in Multi-Sensory Learning Environment: An empirical study to investigate the role of smell in memory retention and enhancing learning,’ was presented within the panel on 'Experiential Learning and Wellbeing Through the Arts and Design.' The study delves into the role of smell in memory retention and learning enhancement, employing empirical research within the realms of Neuroscience. It explores the potential of olfactory stimuli in encoding and decoding visual memory, examining its impact on Multi-Sensory Environments (MSE) and Multi-Sensory Integration (MSI).

This groundbreaking research, situated at the intersection of Art Education, Neuroscience, and Philosophy, marks the first of its kind in the region. By initiating a discourse on popular claims regarding multisensory learning experiences, sensory hierarchy, and semantic vs. episodic memory, Ms. Aatiqa Sheikh contributes significantly to the evolving landscape of educational research and practice.

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