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Dr. Tariq Rahman's Acclaimed Book Set for Reprint in 2024

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) takes immense pride in announcing that the renowned Dean of the School of Education, Dr. Tariq Rahman's highly acclaimed book, 'A History Of Language Learning Among The Muslims of South Asia,' is poised for a reprint by the prestigious Pluricentric Language Press in Graz and Berlin in 2024.

Dr. Tariq Rahman's groundbreaking work explores the rich history of language learning among the Muslims of South Asia, providing invaluable insights into the linguistic evolution of the region. The book has garnered widespread acclaim for its scholarly rigor, depth of research, and the unique perspectives it offers on the cultural and educational landscape.

The reprint of 'A History Of Language Learning Among The Muslims of South Asia' is anticipated to attract renewed attention from scholars, researchers, and students alike.

As the BNU community eagerly awaits the re-release of Dr. Tariq Rahman's book, the university extends its congratulations to him for this milestone accomplishment, anticipating that the work will continue to inspire and inform generations of scholars and readers.

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