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HoD Liberal Arts, Dr. Tahir Kamran, Analyzes Pakistan's Electoral Landscape in LSE Blog

Professor Dr. Tahir Kamran, distinguished Head of the Department of Liberal Arts at the Seeta Majeed School of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts (SLASS) at BNU, has made a noteworthy contribution to the discussion on Pakistani politics. His latest blog post, titled 'Pakistan Goes to the Polls,' was featured on the London School of Economics South Asia Centre's blog, South Asia @ LSE, on January 29, 2024.

The post, which addresses the context and challenges surrounding the delayed national elections scheduled for 8 February, offers valuable insights into the state of democracy and the political will of the people in Pakistan since the dissolution of the Parliament in August 2023.

To explore Dr. Tahir Kamran's comprehensive analysis, visit:

Pakistan Goes to the Polls

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