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MDSVAD Alumna Soraya Sikander to Unveil 'Cosmos' Solo Exhibition at Unicorn Gallery

Beaconhouse National University proudly announces that Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design (MDSVAD) alumna, Soraya Sikander, is set to captivate art enthusiasts with her upcoming solo exhibition titled 'Cosmos.' The travelling exhibition will be unveiled at Unicorn Gallery in Karachi on February 01, 2024, presenting a collection of Sikander's new nature-based paintings.

'COSMOS' is not just an exhibition; it's a journey that art enthusiasts won't want to miss. Starting from Karachi on February 01 to 07, the exhibition will then move to Lahore from February 22 to 28. This dynamic journey adds an extra layer of anticipation and engagement, allowing art lovers in both cities to experience the diverse and captivating artworks of Soraya Sikander.

'Cosmos' at Unicorn Gallery: A Symphony of Nature

Renowned for her critically acclaimed landscapes and organic forms, Soraya Sikander's 'Cosmos' promises to redefine and reinterpret classic subject matter such as landscapes, still-lifes, challenging methods and historical traditions in art. The exhibition, in collaboration with Avari Towers Karachi, Phenomena by Pomme, and Majoor Arts UAE, will showcase Sikander's mastery in oil and acrylics on canvas. Notably, the artist is internationally celebrated for her groundbreaking Calligraphy Landscapes.

A Resounding International Presence

Soraya Sikander, an MDSVAD alumna, has earned a distinguished place among South Asia's best-known painters, gaining recognition as an 'Artist to watch' internationally. Trained in fine arts through the London Atelier of Representational Arts, University College London's Slade summer school, and BNU Lahore, Sikander has garnered critical acclaim and consistently sold-out exhibitions.

A Journey of Art Across the Globe

Sikander's work has been showcased in premiere museums worldwide, including the National Art Museum of Moldova, National Gallery of China, Etihad Museum, and the Asian Art Museum. Her art has also received accolades such as the Art Circle Award Abu Dhabi and has been featured in esteemed art auctions, including Bonhams.

A Landmark Exhibition in Pakistan

This solo exhibition, 'Cosmos,' marks a significant moment for Soraya Sikander as she returns to her home country after a six-year hiatus. The exhibition promises to be a visual feast, offering art enthusiasts a chance to witness the evolution of an artist whose work resonates globally.

Beaconhouse National University extends its warmest congratulations to Soraya Sikander and encourages art lovers to experience the magic of 'Cosmos' at Unicorn Gallery, a showcase of artistic brilliance that reflects the caliber of talent fostered at MDSVAD.

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