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IP Lecturer, Khadeja Tahir Conducts Insightful Workshop at CodeNinja Inc.

Beaconhouse National University, Lahore: Khadeja Tahir, a Lecturer at the Institute of Psychology (IP) at Beaconhouse National University (BNU) and an accomplished Clinical Psychologist, recently conducted a transformative workshop at the multinational tech company, CodeNinja Inc.

The workshop, titled "The Art of Mindful Gratitude," was hosted by Khadeja Tahir, who is also recognized as an Expert Trainer in the field of psychology. The session aimed to shed light on the significant impact of mental health workshops and dispel the misconception that these sessions cannot be considered as substitutes for therapy.

Key highlights of the workshop included an exploration of the profound effects of gratitude on brain rewiring, neurotransmitters, pain reduction, improved sleep, and overall emotional well-being. Khadeja shared valuable insights on resilience and delved into the crucial connection between gratitude and mindfulness.

During the session, Khadeja utilized techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), including the effective method of putting things into perspective. The workshop proved to be an engaging and interactive platform, allowing participants to grasp practical tools for integrating gratitude and mindfulness into their daily lives.

CodeNinja Inc. employees benefited from Khadeja's expertise, gaining a deeper understanding of the positive impacts that cultivating gratitude can have on both professional and personal well-being.

Khadeja Tahir's initiative reflects BNU's commitment to extending knowledge beyond the academic realm and contributing positively to the community. The university takes pride in its faculty's dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals equipped with the tools necessary for a balanced and fulfilling life.

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