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BNU Student Mirza Sikander Saeed Baig Reflects on Transformative Exchange Program at Yeditepe University

Beaconhouse National University takes pride in sharing the remarkable journey of Mirza Sikander Saeed Baig, a student from the Department of Liberal Arts, SLASS, who recently participated in the exchange program at Yeditepe University.

Sikander's reflections on his exchange program experience are both insightful and inspiring. He states, "Participating in the exchange program at Yeditepe University has been an enriching and transformative experience. The academic environment at Yeditepe, coupled with exceptional guidance from some of the best teachers, has significantly broadened my knowledge."

One unique aspect of Sikander's exchange was his active involvement in Yeditepe University's Parliament Society, where he achieved the remarkable distinction of becoming the first exchange student to serve as the society's secretary general. This accomplishment speaks volumes about the level of engagement and leadership demonstrated by our students.

Sikander also shared highlights of his cultural exploration during the exchange, expressing, "Exploring Turkey during the exchange was a highlight, offering a rich blend of historical and cultural experiences. I visited almost 12 different cities in Turkey." However, he acknowledged the language barrier as a notable challenge, taking proactive steps to overcome it. "Given that a majority of students and locals didn't understand English, I took a Turkish language course last summer vacation, which helped me," he added.

In conclusion, Sikander emphasized that the entire exchange program was more than just an academic venture; it was an unreal experience. Beaconhouse National University applauds Sikander's achievements and the valuable international exposure he gained during this transformative journey at Yeditepe University.

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