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IP's Generous Donation: Supporting Mental Health at Fountain House Lahore

The Institute of Psychology (IP) showcased its unwavering commitment to mental health by presenting a generous donation to the esteemed Fountain House Lahore. This charitable act was part of a tradition upheld by IP, wherein the students organized a bake sale on World Mental Health Day to raise funds for mental health initiatives.

During a poignant ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor of Beaconhouse National University (BNU), on behalf of IP and its dedicated students, handed over a symbolic cheque to the Fountain House team. This collaboration highlighted the power of collective efforts in supporting mental health causes, emphasizing the significance of community involvement.

In a reciprocal gesture, the Fountain House team expressed their gratitude by presenting beautifully crafted souvenirs—a book and calligraphy painted by the talented members of Fountain House. This exchange not only reinforced the spirit of unity but also showcased the positive impact of collaboration between academic institutions and mental health organizations.

The event served as a subtle reminder that fostering mental well-being is a collective responsibility. Such initiatives, held at IP continues to be a beacon of support for mental health advocacy.

The Beaconhouse Group
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