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SE Hosts Online Masterclass with Global Citizenship Expert Dr. Mathew Hayes

In a bid to enrich the educational experience of its students, the Beaconhouse National University's School of Education (SE) recently organized an online interactive masterclass featuring Dr. Mathew Hayes, the Managing Director of Citizen, UK. Dr. Hayes, a distinguished figure in the realm of Global Citizenship Education, brought his expertise to students enrolled in the course 'Global Citizenship, Leadership & Sustainability in the Anthropocene.'

The masterclass, which marked the second session of the ongoing series under the banner of the 'Human Library for Global Citizenship,' aimed to connect students with global leaders and field experts. The initiative seeks to provide students with a profound understanding of the diverse facets of Global Citizenship through real-life anecdotes.

Dr. Mathew Hayes, who holds a Ph.D. in Global Citizenship Education from UCL and a graduate degree from Oxford University, delved into the theme of 'Entrepreneurship for Global Development.' The session explored the intricate debates surrounding the economic dimension of Global Citizenship, offering students valuable insights and perspectives.

Co-taught by Ms. Aruj Khaliq, Course Faculty, and SE Alumna, the interactive session facilitated engaging discussions on key issues within the field. Students actively participated, sharing their viewpoints and contributing to the discourse on various thinking prompts. The highlight of the masterclass was the opportunity for students to design their own entrepreneurship ventures within the framework of global governance.

As the session unfolded, students presented their entrepreneurial proposals and engaged in critical debates regarding their significance in the context of Pakistan and beyond. Dr. Mathew Hayes' collaboration with BNU was acknowledged as a significant contribution to the students' learning experience, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

The BNU School of Education expresses its gratitude to Dr. Mathew Hayes for sharing his expertise and enhancing the educational journey of its students. The 'Human Library for Global Citizenship' series continues to be a platform for fostering insightful conversations and empowering students to become global citizens and leaders.

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