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BNU-IP Alumna Wajiha Arif Khan Among the First Batch of Prison Psychologists in Punjab Prison Department

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is thrilled to share the success story of its esteemed alumna, Wajiha Arif Khan, who is making significant strides in enhancing mental health services within Punjab's correctional facilities. Wajiha, a graduate of BNU's MS Clinical and Counseling Psychology program at the Institute of Psychology (IP), recently joined the inaugural cohort of prison psychologists employed by the Punjab Prison Department.

Reflecting on her journey, Wajiha stated, "I credit my current position in the Punjab Prison Department to the well-rounded education I received at BNU. The program not only equipped me with theoretical knowledge but also provided practical experiences that are invaluable in my fulfilling career in prison psychology."

Wajiha's testimonial underscores the unique strengths of BNU's program, offering a comprehensive curriculum that blends theoretical insights with hands-on experiences, preparing graduates for the complexities of working within correctional facilities. She particularly commended the guidance and mentorship of BNU's faculty, emphasizing their role in enhancing critical thinking, analytical skills, and ethical decision-making—essential attributes in the challenging environment of prison psychology.

BNU takes pride in the accomplishments of its alumni, and Wajiha Arif Khan's dedication to mental health services in correctional settings exemplifies the university's commitment to nurturing professionals who make a positive impact on society. The university extends heartfelt congratulations to Wajiha and looks forward to witnessing the continued success of its graduates in diverse and vital fields.

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