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BNU and Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP) Establish Strategic Partnership with MOU Signing

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) and the Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP) have officially solidified their collaboration through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The agreement aims to enhance cooperation, providing significant opportunities for both students and teachers at BNU.

The MOU encompasses a range of initiatives geared towards empowering BNU's academic community. These include coordinated platforms for employment and internships, covering both paid and unpaid opportunities. It also extends to offering entrepreneurship awareness, access to MAP-funded projects, participation in professional training workshops, and engagement in job fairs held at BNU.

Moreover, the partnership facilitates thought-provoking lectures by marketing professionals in seminars, as well as research-based educational visits to different companies. To further support career development, MAP Lahore Chapter has committed to providing career counseling services to nominated officials of BNU's Placement Bureau when required.

In the spirit of collaboration, BNU will actively promote MAP's objectives among its teachers and students, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing. The partnership also involves MAP's contribution to event arrangements at MAP's premises, with the potential for BNU to request MAP sponsorship for highlighted events organized at the university.

Recognizing the importance of research in the academic journey, MAP may announce research scholarships for BNU students, particularly those studying Marketing, allowing them to conduct research on allied themes.

Ensuring effective communication and consistency in messaging, both parties have agreed to maintain regular liaison and coordinate in joint activities to strengthen their partnership. The MOU also includes provisions for modification through written agreement by both parties.

Additionally, the agreement outlines the operation of social media platforms, emphasizing that it will be conducted in consultation with each other to ensure consistent messaging and branding.

Quality membership access to BNU students specializing in Marketing is a key facet of the partnership. Furthermore, BNU may refer accomplished speakers and experts to MAP for potential collaborations, reinforcing the collaborative spirit of this impactful partnership.

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