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BNU-MDSVAD's Mahnoor Zaidi Clinches 'Best Short Film' Award at DC South Asian Film Festival

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) takes immense pride in celebrating the stellar achievement of Mahnoor Zaidi, a distinguished faculty member hailing from the prestigious Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (MDSVAD). Zaidi's outstanding contribution to the world of cinema has been recognized with the coveted 'Best Short Film' award at the recently concluded DC South Asian Film Festival.

Zaidi's winning creation, '455mL,' stands as a testament to her creative brilliance. The film intricately weaves a poignant tale around Kausar, a middle-aged trans-woman, who finds herself propelled into a race against time through the bustling streets of Lahore. The storyline unfolds against the backdrop of a critical call for blood donations to save the life of a young boy with a rare blood group. '455mL' artfully captures the urgency, compassion, and human connections that emerge in the face of a medical emergency, transcending boundaries and resonating with audiences on a profound level.

This accolade not only underscores Zaidi's exceptional storytelling prowess and cinematic vision but also elevates the standing of BNU as a hub for nurturing and fostering top-tier creative talent. The university extends its warmest congratulations to Mahnoor Zaidi, applauding her for this well-deserved international recognition that further cements BNU's commitment to excellence in the arts and visual storytelling. This triumph serves as an inspiration to the entire BNU community and the broader artistic landscape.

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