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BNU MDSVAD Alumnus Shiblee Muneer Unveils "Text Based Works" at 'Identity Crisis' Exhibition in Karachi

Celebrated artist and proud alumnus of the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (BNU-MDSVAD), Shiblee Muneer, is set to showcase his latest work, "Text Based Works," at the 'Identity Crisis' exhibition at Koel Gallery, Karachi. The exhibition invites art enthusiasts and the community at large to engage in a visual odyssey that explores the intricacies of identity and society.

Exhibition Details:

Title: Identity Crisis

Venue: Koel Gallery, Karachi*

Exhibition Dates: Dec 05 - 16, 2023

Native to a land that bears the weight of multiple identities, Shiblee Muneer's works encapsulate the essence of a society grappling with imposed identities, confusions, and the art of juggling diverse cultural elements. His art serves as a mirror, reflecting the amalgamation of cultures, regions, and ideologies that shape the collective identity.

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