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BNU Alumnus Haseeb Malik Champions Climate Action at UN Conference in Bangkok

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) proudly acknowledges the significant contribution of Haseeb Malik, an esteemed alumnus of the School of Media and Communication (SMC), who recently participated in the United Nations' conference on Climate Change held in Bangkok.

As a passionate environmental enthusiast, Haseeb Malik represented Norway as a delegate during the four-day event, engaging in insightful discussions and gaining inspiration from global leaders, experts, and activists united in the fight against the climate crisis. Leveraging his knowledge acquired at Oslo Metropolitan University and BNU, Haseeb actively contributed to the dialogue on addressing urgent planetary challenges.

The conference emphasized the paramount importance of international cooperation in combating climate change. Haseeb highlighted the significance of diverse stakeholders collaborating to exchange ideas, share experiences, and develop practical solutions, underscoring the global unity required to address this existential crisis.

The event provided a comprehensive overview of the latest scientific research, spotlighting the severe consequences of unchecked climate change. From rising temperatures and extreme weather events to biodiversity loss and sea-level rise, the need to accelerate efforts in mitigation and adaptation became evident.

Witnessing impactful grassroots initiatives and innovative projects worldwide was a source of inspiration for Haseeb. From renewable energy projects to sustainable agriculture practices, he noted the dedication and creativity exhibited by individuals and organizations in finding sustainable solutions to safeguard the planet.

Haseeb's participation in the UN Climate Change conference reinvigorated his determination to contribute to global efforts. Despite daunting challenges, the conference reinforced the belief that collective efforts can make a significant difference.

In light of this experience, Haseeb urges his connections to join him in taking action to combat climate change. He encourages environmentally conscious choices, community awareness, and support for policies promoting sustainability. The conference has left a lasting impact on Haseeb, and he is deeply grateful for the opportunity to connect with inspiring individuals dedicated to safeguarding the planet's future.

Let us collectively carry this momentum forward, take decisive action, and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient world.

The Beaconhouse Group
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