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Director UMISAA, Professor Salima Hashmi Takes Center Stage at Annual South Asia Foundation Gathering in Sri Lanka

In a remarkable display of academic prowess and artistic excellence, Professor Salima Hashmi, Chairperson of South Asia Foundation (SAF) Pakistan and Director of UMISAA at Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (MDSVAD), Beaconhouse National University (BNU), represented Pakistan at the Annual Council Meeting of South Asia Foundation in Sri Lanka.

The prestigious event, held in the heart of Sri Lanka, saw the convergence of eminent personalities, including Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike, Chair of SAF, and accomplished BNU alumni, creating a platform for intellectual discourse and collaborative initiatives to shape a brighter future for South Asia.

Professor Salima Hashmi, an iconic figure in the Pakistani art scene, has been instrumental in fostering a rich academic and artistic environment at BNU. As the Chairperson of SAF Pakistan, her participation in the Annual Council Meeting signifies the university's commitment to regional collaboration and the advancement of education and culture in South Asia.

The gathering provided a unique opportunity for leaders, intellectuals, and artists to engage in discussions aimed at addressing the challenges facing the region and formulating collaborative solutions. Professor Hashmi's expertise and insights played a crucial role in shaping the narrative for a more vibrant and interconnected South Asia.

The presence of accomplished BNU alumni further underscored the impact of the university on producing individuals who contribute significantly to the intellectual and cultural landscape of South Asia.

The event in Sri Lanka not only celebrated the achievements of Professor Salima Hashmi but also highlighted the collaborative efforts of SAF and its member countries in working towards a shared vision of prosperity and unity in South Asia. As the narratives were shaped and ideas exchanged, the Annual Council Meeting marked a significant step towards building a brighter and more interconnected South Asia.

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