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BNU PhD Scholar Khalil Ahmad, in Collaboration with Dr. Wajiha Raza Rizvi, Publishes Research in HEC-Recognized Y-Category Journal

Beaconhouse National University is proud to announce the publication of a groundbreaking research paper titled "Pakistani Press Towards Religious Minorities," authored by PhD Scholar Khalil Ahmad and Dr. Wajiha Raza Rizvi, Head of MS Film & TV at the Department of Theatre, Film & TV, School of Media and Mass Communication. The research paper has been published in the Global Social Sciences Review, an HEC-recognized Y-category journal.


"The study aims to explore the image of the media as portrayed in leading English Pakistani newspapers. The objectives of the study are to analyze the framing of news concerning the religious minorities in three national dailies of Pakistan to determine either the Pakistani press portrays the minorities image positively or negatively. Content analysis was performed on three leading English dailies, The Dawn, The News and Express Tribune, after random selection from January 01, 2016, to December 31, 2016. The front, back and editorial pages were the sample size of the study. The findings of the study showed that the media portrayed minorities in a positive manner; however, the newspapers focused more on controversial issues such as forced conversions, attacks on places of worship, violations of the right to freedom and other human rights. Softer issues such as Political and Economic Empowerment and Improved Legislation were not covered as frequently. The need of giving more space to the education and entertainment need of minorities and to inform the majority about the positive contributions of minorities has also been found out during the study."


Khalil Ahmad, & Wajiha Raza Rizvi. (2021, Spring). Pakistani press towards religious minorities. Global social sciences review, 6(2), pp. 139-49. ISSN: 2520-0348, 2616-793X

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The publication in the HEC-recognized journal highlights the scholarly rigor and significance of the research conducted by Khalil Ahmad and Dr. Wajiha Raza Rizvi. Beaconhouse National University congratulates the authors for this commendable achievement, which adds to the growing body of knowledge in the field of media studies.

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