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BNU's Economics Society Clinches Top Honor at FCC Economist of the Year Award

In a remarkable triumph for Beaconhouse National University, the Economics Society (B.Econ. Society) has secured the prestigious FCC Economist of the Year Award. The fierce competition, organized by the Lucas Economics Society at Forman Christian College University (FCCU) in Lahore, saw BNU's team emerge victorious, outshining competitors, including the defending champions from Government College University, Lahore (GCU).

BNU's Winning Team:

  • Hassan Shabbir
  • Rida Shahid
  • Ayan Ali Butt
  • Mahzaib Salman
  • Syed Sher Muhammad

All members of the winning team are students of the Economics Department at BNU's School of Management Sciences, exemplifying the caliber of talent fostered within the university.

The Economist of the Year competition, organized by FCCU's Lucas Economics Society, is recognized for its rigorous evaluation and challenging scenarios that test the analytical and decision-making skills of participating teams. BNU's team not only demonstrated their academic prowess but also showcased their ability to apply economic principles to real-world situations, setting them apart in a field of formidable contenders.

The victory becomes even more commendable as BNU's team successfully toppled the defending champions from GCU, Lahore. This achievement not only underscores the dedication and hard work of the BNU team but also reinforces the university's commitment to nurturing excellence in economic education and research.

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