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BNU's Mr. Nasir Ali Mazari Judges Drama Festival 2023 Showcasing Beaconhouse School Talents

In a celebration of theatrical prowess and creative talent, Mr. Nasir Ali Mazari, Assistant Professor in the Department of TV, Film & Theatre at the School of Media and Mass Communication, BNU, lent his expertise as a judge at the Drama Festival 2023. This vibrant event, hosted by Beaconhouse School Boys Campus Model Town Branch, brought together 11 BSS branches for a spirited competition where students displayed their theatrical finesse through plays in both English and Urdu.

As a seasoned professional in the field, Mr. Nasir Ali Mazari brought his wealth of experience to assess the performances, offering valuable insights and constructive feedback to the budding dramatists. The festival not only served as a platform for the students to showcase their creative endeavors but also provided them with an opportunity to receive guidance from an industry expert.

The Drama Festival 2023 witnessed a diverse range of themes, emotions, and storytelling techniques, highlighting the immense talent within the Beaconhouse School System. Following the impressive performances, the conclusion of the ceremony was marked by the distribution of awards to the top three teams, recognizing their exceptional efforts in bringing their stories to life on stage.

Expressing his thoughts on the event, Mr. Nasir Ali Mazari said, "It was truly inspiring to witness the passion and creativity displayed by the students at the Drama Festival. The level of talent among the participants was commendable, and I believe such platforms play a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of storytellers and performers."

The School of Media and Mass Communication at BNU takes pride in its faculty members' active involvement in community events that promote artistic expression and creative exploration. Mr. Nasir Ali Mazari's role as a judge in the Drama Festival 2023 reflects the school's commitment to fostering a vibrant cultural and artistic community within and beyond the university.

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