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Distinguished Lecture Series: An Enlightening Guest Lecture by Ms. Alishba Khan Barech

On November 20, 2023, the Department of Liberal Arts at SLASS, BNU, had the honor of hosting the esteemed Ms. Alishba Khan Barech as part of BNU Talks, our Distinguished Lecture Series.

In an enlightening session held at our campus, Ms. Alishba delved into her journey "From Novelist to Advocate: Navigating the Depths of Identity, Diversity, and Disparity in Balochistan."

As a trailblazing author, UNICEF Ambassador, and the youngest self-published author in Pakistan, Ms. Alishba captivated the audience with her insights and experiences. Her dedication extends far beyond the realm of literature, as she actively works towards raising awareness about crucial issues such as polio and mental health.

The session provided a unique opportunity for our students and faculty to engage with a remarkable individual whose work transcends traditional boundaries, making a positive impact on society.

BNU expresses gratitude to Ms. Alishba Khan Barech for sharing her valuable perspectives, enriching our academic environment, and inspiring the BNU community.

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