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MDSVAD Alumnus Faheem Abbas Nominated for Prestigious ART FUTURES AWARDS

Beaconhouse National University is proud to announce that Faheem Abbas, an alumnus and esteemed faculty member of the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (MDSVAD), has been shortlisted for the highly esteemed ART FUTURES AWARDS. This accolade recognizes emerging talents in the field of visual arts and is a testament to Faheem's remarkable contributions to the art world.

For the initial round of judging, a distinguished panel of eight international art practitioners from various Asian countries meticulously selected 30 finalists. The list includes artists from diverse backgrounds, representing the vibrant tapestry of Asian artistry. Faheem Abbas's inclusion in this select group is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to the visual arts.

The ART FUTURES AWARDS, part of the Art Futures Asia initiative, is the first of its kind in Asia, dedicated to promoting the creative endeavors of  graduates in the field of visual arts and contemporary art practices. Nominators from over 70 universities across 24 Asian countries and cities were invited to nominate up to two students annually who exhibited outstanding achievements in their artistic journey.

Faheem Abbas, who is both an alumnus and a valued faculty member at MDSVAD, has demonstrated a profound commitment to the arts and a dedication to nurturing the talents of the next generation of artists. His selection as a finalist in the ART FUTURES AWARDS is a recognition of his contributions to the world of art and the inspiration he provides to aspiring artists.

The ART FUTURES AWARDS offer significant recognition to emerging artists, with the first prize winner receiving a prestigious award of US $10,000 along with a one-month artist residency program in Hong Kong. This opportunity promises to further enhance the recipient's artistic journey and offer invaluable exposure to the global art community.

Beaconhouse National University congratulates Faheem Abbas for this remarkable achievement and wishes him the best of luck in the final round of judging for the ART FUTURES AWARDS. His success is a testament to the excellence of the faculty and alumni of MDSVAD and their significant contributions to the world of contemporary art.

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