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Research Article Published by Dr. Atif Hassan | School of Business

Professor Dr. Atif Hassan from School of Business has co-authored a research article. The article titled “A multifaceted approach to language proficiency, cultural differences, and effective communication strategies for business success” has been published in International Journal of Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences the HEC-recognized Y category journal.

Please find the abstract of the article below.

The primary assertions in this study underline the relevance of language competency, cultural variations, and effective communication tactics in achieving commercial success. It also emphasizes the topic's complex nature, covering topics such as language training, cultural awareness, communication styles, and overcoming language hurdles. The perspectives and experiences of top executives in the corporate sector were investigated using a qualitative research technique in this study. The population was chosen through purposive sampling, and data was acquired through focus group research and 10 executive interviews. The data was examined using thematic analysis, and steps were taken to improve the findings' validity and reliability. Overall, the purpose of this research project was to explain the significance of language and communication in the business world and to offer ways for increasing communication and optimizing success. The study's findings can be utilized to inform company practices and policies concerning language and communication, as well as contribute to the broader subject of linguistics and its applications in the business world.

The article can be downloaded using the link:

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