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Notable Success at BNU's Institute of Psychology: Expert Session on Trauma Management with Ms. Naima Hassan

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is pleased to announce the remarkable success of a recent event at our Institute of Psychology. On November 2, 2023, Ms. Naima Hassan, a United Nations Certified Staff Counselor specializing in Trauma Counseling and Stress Management, delivered an enlightening session on "Trauma Management." Ms. Naima's extensive experience in providing psychosocial support and crisis management to trauma survivors globally truly set this event apart. Her comprehensive training in stress management in New York, along with her recent education at Johns Hopkins University, provided a profound depth to her insights.

What distinguishes Ms. Naima is her impressive array of credentials, including specialized training in domestic violence and child sexual abuse counseling from the California Family Violence & Child Sexual Abuse Centre, as well as dedicated instruction in Hostage Incident Management from the United Nations Head Office in New York. Her commendable service on UN missions in South Asia, East, and South African countries further underscores her remarkable expertise in the field.

The entire BNU community extends its heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Naima and all those who attended and contributed to making this event a valuable and enlightening experience. This session has undoubtedly enriched our understanding of trauma management, reaffirming BNU's commitment to providing a platform for meaningful and insightful discussions in the field of psychology.

The Beaconhouse Group
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