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Dean MDSVAD Rashid Rana's Art Shines in KNMA's "MIRROR/ MAZE" Exhibition

Beaconhouse National University's Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (MDSVAD) proudly presents Dean Rashid Rana's exceptional works featured in the current exhibition at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) in New Delhi.

KNMA, India's pioneering private museum of art, showcases modern and contemporary artworks from India and the subcontinent. Their latest exhibition, "MIRROR/ MAZE: Echoes of song, space, spectre," is a captivating journey through a space-maze. It guides viewers along long corridors, leading from shadowy expanses to illuminated zones, creating an ethereal sense of mystery in the surreal dimensions of time and space.

Rashid Rana's artworks, part of this exhibition, challenge conventional notions of art and its place in our lives. "WAR WITHIN" (2016-17) digitally fragments an iconic neoclassical painting, inviting viewers to contemplate the tribal mindset that has persisted from early human history to the present era of nation-states. "DESPERATELY SEEKING PARADISED II" (2012), with its stainless steel and photo prints, distorts the space and the people around it, redefining our understanding of three-dimensionality. The piece alludes to the 9/11 incident, suggesting that economic disparities in the world may be a more significant source of conflict than religious beliefs, challenging common perceptions.

Dean Rashid Rana's contributions to the "MIRROR/ MAZE" exhibition at KNMA exemplify the power of art to provoke critical thought and dialogue. His works are a testament to the vibrant creativity emerging from the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design at Beaconhouse National University.

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