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MDSVAD Alumni Curate a Landmark Exhibition in Lahore, by Transforming an Abandoned Building into a Visual Marvel

"The Roadside", an initiative by BNU-Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design alumnus Ali Arshad, a graduate of Visual Arts program, presented the second artistic intervention of its kind in an abandoned building located at "Liberty Market" in Lahore. This remarkable exhibition, in collaboration with the June Collective and with the assistance of Haseeb Ullah Zafar, showcased an eclectic mix of contemporary artists in an effort to capture a moment in the ever-evolving narrative of a space transitioning into something entirely new.

The showcased artists included MDSVAD faculty and alumni: *Risham Syed, Zoona Khan Kundi. Aneezah Tauseef, Fatima Haider and Imran Ahmad Khan*. Through their remarkable interventions, these artists highlighted the transformative power of art, establishing new narratives at the intersection of life and art.

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