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BNU Talks: A Deep Dive into Lahore Smog

BNU Talks, our Distinguished Lecture Series, took a significant step towards addressing the pressing issue of "Lahore Smog" on October 31, 2023. The event proved to be an informative and interactive platform for all concerned students and faculty members.

Our distinguished guest speakers included Founder Climate Finance Pakistan and COO Weaverbird Group, Mr. Mekaeel Malik, and Co-Founder, Indus Conclave and Clean Air, Mr. Raza Goraya. Together they shed light on the alarming environmental challenges posed by the annual smog in Lahore. They discussed its root causes, implications, and possible solutions.

This session served as an important catalyst for raising awareness about the issue and fostering discussions on effective strategies to combat the smog crisis in our beloved city. BNU remains committed to driving meaningful conversations on issues that impact our community and environment.

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