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Dr. Tariq Rahman Presents Captivating Insights at Islamabad Literature Festival

Dr. Tariq Rahman, the esteemed Dean of the School of Education at Beaconhouse National University (BNU), left an indelible mark at the Islamabad Literature Festival, where he delivered two compelling sessions that ignited intellectual discourse and cultural exploration.

On November 4, 2023, Dr. Tariq Rahman shared his profound insights into his latest book, "Pakistan Wars: An Alternative History," during an engaging discussion. The event, held at the Islamabad Literature Festival, provided a platform for the audience to gain unique perspectives on historical events, cementing Dr. Rahman's scholarly eminence in the field. His thought-provoking discourse was expertly moderated by Dr. Yaqoob Bangesh, adding depth to the session.

In a remarkable convergence of academic excellence, Dr. Moeed Yusuf, the Vice Chancellor of BNU, graced the occasion, lending his presence and further enhancing the significance of the event. The gathering became a beacon for literature enthusiasts and knowledge seekers, highlighting the university's commitment to fostering intellectual engagement beyond its campuses.

Continuing his impactful presence at the festival, Dr. Tariq Rahman was also part of a panel discussion on November 5, 2023, titled "ہماری مٹتی ہوئی زبانیں" - 'Our Fading Languages.' This insightful panel explored the importance of preserving linguistic heritage and featured distinguished co-panelists, including Zubair Torwali, Zubair Ahmad, and Zaman Sagar. The discussion was skillfully moderated by Samar Minallah Khan, offering a platform to deliberate on the cultural significance of language preservation.

Dr. Tariq Rahman's contributions at the Islamabad Literature Festival showcased BNU's commitment to intellectual discourse and cultural preservation, reinforcing the university's position as a hub for knowledge, literature, and academic excellence.

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