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BNU Launches Innovative Initiative 'BNU Connect' to Foster Student Collaboration

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is proud to announce the launch of 'BNU Connect,' a groundbreaking initiative aimed at promoting collaborative innovation among its students. Under this initiative, BNU students are encouraged to develop innovative Final Year Projects (FYP) that involve participation from at least three different schools within the university.

The primary objective of 'BNU Connect' is to cultivate a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration and creative problem-solving among students from diverse academic backgrounds. This initiative underscores the importance of holistic education and the value of interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex challenges.

Students are invited to put forward FYP ideas that require expertise and contributions from students across various schools of BNU. By doing so, they not only enrich their own learning experiences but also demonstrate the power of teamwork and knowledge exchange.

The most outstanding project proposal, as determined by a panel of experts, will be awarded a substantial grant of Rs. 50,000 as project funding from the university, further incentivizing student innovation.

For more information and to explore the complete details of the 'BNU Connect' initiative, please visit the following links:

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to collaborate and innovate at Beaconhouse National University. Join us in making a difference through the 'BNU Connect' initiative.

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