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Dr. Tahir Kamran's Latest in The News on Sunday | Examining a Complex Personality

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is delighted to announce the latest article penned by its esteemed Head of the Department of Liberal Arts at SLASS, Professor Dr. Tahir Kamran. Published on October 22, 2023, in The News on Sunday, the article titled "Examining a complex personality" offers a deep dive into the complex personality of Benjamin Netanyahu, shedding light on the influential factors that have shaped his political ideology and actions.

In his thought-provoking piece, Dr. Tahir Kamran delves into the upbringing of Benjamin Netanyahu, highlighting the profound influence of his father's Zionist and right-wing beliefs. The article posits that this early exposure led Netanyahu to develop a sense of outsider status within the political establishment, causing him to view his political colleagues as rivals and instilling a desire for revenge against those who opposed him.

One of the central themes explored in the article is Netanyahu's deeply ingrained belief in a Darwinian worldview. Dr. Kamran suggests that this perspective may elucidate Netanyahu's perception of an existential threat posed by a majority of Arabs, including those in the 1948 occupied territories, extending this viewpoint to a global scale. This notion, recurrent in Netanyahu's speeches and writings, encompasses key elements in his knowledge system, including concerns about Israeli security, Palestinian terrorism, anti-Semitism, the Iranian threat, UN hostility towards Israel, references to the Holocaust, and Europe's failure to comprehend Israel's perceived threat.

Readers interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Benjamin Netanyahu's complex personality and the factors that have shaped his political journey can access the full article on The News on Sunday's website at the following link:

Examining a complex personality

Dr. Tahir Kamran's insightful analysis provides a unique perspective on the intricate dynamics of political leadership and the personal experiences that mold world leaders. His work reflects BNU's commitment to academic excellence and intellectual exploration, further establishing the university as a hub for critical thought and scholarship.

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