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Dr. Atif Hassan Contributes to Sustainable Tourism Discussion at ICMR 2023

Dr. Atif Hassan, Professor and Head of the HR & Management Cluster at the School of Business, Beaconhouse National University (BNU), recently participated as a panelist in the Tourism Policy Forum at the 14th International Conference on Management Research (ICMR) 2023. The conference, themed on Sustainable Tourism, provided a platform for experts to delve into the challenges and potential of the tourism industry.

Dr. Atif Hassan had the privilege of being invited as a panelist at the esteemed forum, which focused on exploring the tourism potential, challenges, and policy reforms essential for the sustainable growth of the industry. The culmination of this enlightening panel discussion has yielded a valuable outcome in the form of meticulously crafted policy inputs, specifically tailored for the tourism sector of Pakistan.

The panelists, including Dr. Atif Hassan, leveraged their extensive expertise and insights to contribute to these policy recommendations. These inputs have the potential to significantly impact the future of Pakistan's tourism industry by promoting sustainable practices and growth.

Dr. Atif Hassan, along with his fellow panelists, was honored by the Caretaker Minister for Education, who presented them with souvenirs as tokens of appreciation for their invaluable input in the discussion forum. This recognition serves as a moment of pride for their collective efforts toward shaping the future of the tourism industry in Pakistan.

BNU continues to be at the forefront of promoting academic and intellectual contributions that have a real-world impact. Dr. Atif Hassan's involvement in the Tourism Policy Forum exemplifies the university's commitment to fostering meaningful discussions and driving positive change in key sectors of the country's economy.

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