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Dr. Ruhi Khalid Illuminates World Mental Health Conference with Keynote Address at Virtual University

In a landmark event for the field of mental health, Dr. Ruhi Khalid, Director Institute of Psychology, BNU, was invited as the keynote speaker at the World Mental Health Conference organized by Virtual University. The conference, a culmination of experts and scholars from around Pakistan, was dedicated to advancing the understanding and promotion of mental well- being.

Dr. Khalid's captivating presentation, titled "Mental Health and Well-being” drew attendees into a profound exploration of the intricacies of mental health and the crucial role it plays in overall well-being. Her talk illuminated the importance of fostering a resilient mindset to navigate life's challenges.

The conference provided a unique opportunity for professionals, researchers, and students to engage with cutting-edge insights and strategies in mental health. Attendees gained valuable knowledge and tools to implement in their respective fields, contributing to a global effort to improve mental health awareness and support.

Dr. Khalid's keynote address left a lasting impression on the audience, inspiring a renewed commitment to prioritize mental health in both personal and professional spheres. Her eloquent delivery and wealth of experience resonated with participants, reinforcing the critical role mental well-being plays in leading fulfilling lives.

As the world grapples with evolving challenges, conferences like this serve as essential platforms for the exchange of knowledge and best practices in mental health. Dr. Ruhi Khalid's address stood as a beacon of hope, encouraging a collective effort towards a mentally healthier world.

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