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Dean SE, Dr. Tariq Rahman, Explores Mirza Ghalib's Poetry in New VLogs

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is delighted to present the latest VLogs by Professor Dr. Tariq Rahman, the Dean of the School of Education, focusing on the timeless poetry of the iconic Mirza Ghalib. These insightful VLogs have been generously shared by the School and provide an enriching exploration of Ghalib's literary masterpieces.

Here are the VLogs featuring Dr. Tariq Rahman:

These captivating VLogs delve into the profound themes and exquisite verses of Mirza Ghalib's poetry, offering viewers an opportunity to connect with the timeless beauty of his words. Dr. Tariq Rahman's expertise and passion for literature shine through in these explorations, making them an enriching resource for poetry enthusiasts and students alike.

To access more thought-provoking content from Dr. Tariq Rahman, we invite you to visit his dedicated YouTube channel: Dr. Tariq Rahman's YouTube Channel
BNU is committed to fostering a culture of intellectual exploration and is pleased to offer these VLogs as part of its ongoing effort to promote a love for literature and the arts.

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