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Guest Speaker Session by SB on Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Dr. Atif Hassan, our distinguished professor at BNU’s School of Business, arranged a guest speaker session on Entrepreneurship and Business Development where students had the opportunity to hear from Professor Harwindar Singh from Malaysia.

Dr. Singh began by emphasizing the significance of understanding a company's life cycle. He also urged attendees to stay updated with cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning, addressing the digital transformation in businesses. Additionally, Dr. Singh shared insights on high-potential business ventures including real estate, poultry farming, coffee shops, and digital marketing services. He also advocated for a shift from traditional business plans to the Business Model Canva and highlighted the critical phases of survival and breakeven, emphasizing the importance of innovation in young companies.

Furthermore, Dr. Singh discussed the benefits of digitalization in the hospitality industry, emphasizing the significance of efficient operational management and establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for high-growth companies.

Moderated by Dr. Atif Hassan, the session ended with a question-and-answer round involving active student participation.

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