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BNU Talks Sheds Light on Substance Abuse Awareness with Dr. Imran Ijaz Haider's Session

BNU Talks, Beaconhouse National University's esteemed Distinguished Lecture Series, held a thought-provoking session on Thursday, October 12, 2023, featuring Dr. Imran Ijaz Haider. Dr. Haider, a Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Fatima Memorial Hospital and a Consulting Psychiatrist at Connections Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, brought his extensive expertise to the forefront during this insightful event.

With an impressive educational background that includes FRCPsych (London) and D.P.M (England) Psychiatry, Dr. Imran specializes in several areas of psychiatry, most notably Adult Substance Abuse, Old Age, and Marital Issues. The session focused on raising awareness about various issues related to substance abuse, including drugs, smoking, and vaping.

Dr. Moeed Yusaf, Vice Chancellor of BNU, shared his valuable insights on the importance of this session, stating, "In our commitment to making BNU a drug-free campus and extending our support to students and others in need, we are implementing various initiatives to raise awareness about addiction and drug-related issues. This lecture is the first of many to come, and we have included it as part of our Distinguished Lecture Series for this very reason. I urge maximum participation from our faculty and staff because it is only through our collective awareness and sensitivity to these matters that we can effectively convey this message to our students."

The lecture was exceptionally well-received by a large number of students and faculty members in attendance, highlighting the university community's keen interest in addressing and combating the critical issue of substance abuse.

This session marked the university's dedicated efforts to promote a healthy and drug-free environment on campus while providing support and guidance to those who may require it. BNU Talks continues to serve as a platform for informative and impactful discussions, bringing together experts and the academic community to address pertinent societal issues.

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