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IP Students Triumph with Top Honor at COMSATS: First Prize in Inter-University Panel Discussion

BNU's Institute of Psychology students achieved a prestigious victory, securing first place in an inter-university panel discussion competition hosted by COMSATS University Lahore. The contest featured students from five leading universities, with judges unanimously declaring BNU's team as the standout performers.

The panel discussion centered on the theme, 'The Impact of Poverty and Inequality on Youth Mental Health.' BNU's Institute of Psychology (IP) students, known for their academic excellence, passionately engaged in the discourse, presenting thoughtful insights on this pressing issue.

The BNU team's persuasive arguments and deep understanding of the subject matter won over both the audience and the expert panel of judges. Their comprehensive grasp of the topic, eloquent articulation, and audience engagement set them apart as deserving champions.

Dr. Ruhi, Director of the Institute of Psychology at BNU, commented on the triumph, stating, "This victory is a testament to our students' rigorous academic training and dedication, reinforcing BNU's commitment to fostering intellectual excellence and social consciousness."

The university community celebrates this significant achievement, highlighting BNU's dedication to nurturing academic excellence and a strong sense of social responsibility among its students.

BNU remains committed to empowering its students to become future leaders, change advocates, and champions of critical societal issues. This recent victory underscores the university's ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation in education.

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