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MikroPOM Lahore 2023 Conference: A Resounding Success, Uniting Art, Technology, and Culture

MikroPOM Lahore 2023 Conference: A Resounding Success, Uniting Art, Technology, and Culture

The Mariam Dawood School of Art and Design (MDSVAD) at Beaconhouse National University (BNU) has achieved a significant milestone by successfully hosting the MikroPOM international conference 2023. This remarkable event was an exploration of the intersection of art and technology, focusing on the themes of poetics, polemics, and programmatics. Organized by the Lahore Digital Arts Festival, Politics of Machine, and MDSVAD, the conference brought together experts and dignitaries from around the world.

The conference commenced with an enlightening keynote address by immersive art pioneers, Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, followed by a thought-provoking speech by Dean MDSVAD, Prof. Rashid Rana. Esteemed panelists including Justine Emard, Agnes Michalczyk, Ahmed Raza Hashmi and Ayesha Mubarack Ali led an engaging panel discussion on "ALT+CTRL+DEL - Rebooting the digital arts conversation," challenging norms and offering fresh perspectives on the confluence of digital arts and technology.


Attendees had the opportunity to explore the Metaverse Bodies exhibition, curated by Aarish Sardar,  including the works of Stefano Fake, A B Rehman, Sushiman Rinoshan, M Attique, and Rida Ahsan, among others, providing a unique blend of technology and art. Hackathons delved into the sub-themes of poetics, polemics, and programmatics, fostering innovation and creativity in the field of digital arts and beyond. Gillian Rhodes shared valuable insights into the Digital Art Industry in Pakistan, shedding light on its growth and potential.

The conference concluded with a compelling panel discussion featuring Morten Søndergaard, Stefano Fake, Daud Randle, Aarish Sardar, Rohma Khan, and Gillian Rhodes, moderated by Quddus Mirza, further exploring the conference's themes and future digital arts directions. Keynotes by Ayesha Mubarack Ali and Dr. Faisal Khan focused on the future of digital arts and trans-disciplinarity within the Digital Realm.

Importantly, this conference marked the opening of the four-day Lahore Digital Arts Festival, displaying incredible artworks at nine diverse locations across the city. The festival was open to the public until Sunday, October 15, 2023, providing a unique opportunity for everyone to experience and engage with the world of digital arts.

MikroPOM Lahore 2023 Conference was a groundbreaking event, uniting international speakers, academics, artists, and designers from across Pakistan. It significantly contributed to the global dialogue on the intersection of art, technology, and culture.


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