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Celebrating Two Decades of Textile and Fiber Art: Prof. Quddus Mirza's Insightful Article


Renowned senior faculty member Prof. Quddus Mirza has marked a significant milestone in the world of textile and fiber art with his thought-provoking article. Titled "Textile Ways: A Journey of Two Decades," the article dives into the remarkable 20-year journey of the Textile and Fiber Art department at the institution.

Prof. Mirza's article was featured in The News, offering readers an insightful glimpse into the evolution and impact of the department from its inaugural batch to the present year of 2023.

In his piece, Prof. Quddus Mirza explores the transformative trajectory of the Textile and Fiber Art department, tracing its growth, innovations, and contributions to the creative realm. This article not only celebrates the achievements of the Textile and Fiber Art department but also highlights the lasting influence it has had on the broader artistic landscape.

To read the full article visit: Textile ways

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